The Traditional Construction of Instruments
Your instrument should accurately convey the expression of your deepest and noblest musical sensibility; it should be a resonating piece of your own feelings and experience of life whose warmth makes you want to keep opening yourself to it again and again, and which helps you to lend your music a knowing smile.
Therefore, if at all possible, I should get to know you and walk with you for a while toward this source. I should explore your nature and your personality and fix the image of this portrait within me, so that it can accompany me as I complete my work. And as I work, I confidently give absolute priority to my feeling and to my love of people and music, rather than to the combined competence of my three professions, and in so doing I am confident that I am standing in the best tradition of the only models I consider worthy of emulation.
To this end, I construct my instruments from indigenous woods, sealing the surface with a water-resistant hard wax so that the musician can actually feel the wood that has grown for him. As far as the sound of my instruments is concerned, I strive for clarity and distinctness, powerful resonance and an eloquent tone with an honest character.